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Why MagLev Glide? 


Let's face it: We've all dealt with a poorly functioning door. Traditional doors are solely dependent on supporting rollers or hinges, which are inevitable to wear/tear & damage creating a host of problems everyone has struggled.



115 lbs. 1/2 inch door silently glides open or closed without losing momentum with just the touch of a finger!


Common Shower Door Problems

Traditional sliding doors get sticky and become difficult to open when the wheels are out of adjustment or worn, they also require frequent cleaning to keep the door sliding freely.A sticking sliding door may seem like a minor inconvenience, but it gets to be a real big pain sooner rather than later. Plus, if you let the problem proceed, it could damage other parts of your sliding door which can end up being costly to repair or you might have to replace the whole door.




This is why we invented MagLev Glide- A magnetically levitating sliding door system 3 years in the making developing numerous iterations and prototypes with a single goal: A sliding door that operates smoothly like it should and that doesn't require maintenance / replacement.



Magnetic Levitating Door


Why is it better?


The Maglev Glide™ uses super magnets that repel each other, which in turn makes the sliding door hover above the guideway. Eliminating the need for supporting roller or hinges, susceptible to wear/tear & damage.


The MagLev Glide is weather proof, which means rain, snow, or severe cold and even dirty build up or debris along the track don't hinder the performance.


Say good-bye to sticky, noisy, rusty, stubborn sliding doors that only lead to maintenance/replacement.










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