It's SLIENT... By using cutting-edge neodymium magnets we eliminate the need for moving parts to fully levitate ANY sliding door above the guide way, therefore always operating silently with just a touch of a finger.

Glide into the Future... Using the science of these supper magnets will virtually last forever. Our unconditionally 100 YEARS warranty guarantees your door will outlast the life of your bathroom and will glide as smoothly as the first day it’s installed.

It FLOATS... Maglev Glide™ works just like the Maglev trains that can travel up to 375 mph or in theory take you from Los Angeles to New York City in just 7 hours. ALL other sliding door systems solely depend on rollers/hinges to support the weight of the door. Our innovative design integrates science using magnets do all the heavy lifting which means they will never let you or your door down.

It GLIDES...MagLev Glide redefines what it means to effortlessly open or close, revolutionizing sliding doors! Our system make any sliding door regardless of size or heaviness, feel entirely weightless providing far superior functionality for a difference you have to experience to believe