WORLD's First Magnetic Levitating Doors! (Patent Pending)

It FLOATS... It's SILENT... It's BUILT to last... It's MAGLEV GLIDE! 

100% Customizable Frameless Shower Doors | Barn Doors | Pocket Doors | Patio Doors | Commercial Doors | ANY Sliding Door



If you're tired of rough moving sliding doors that are noisy or drag/ stick/ or worse fall off the track it's time you took a long look at Maglev Glide™.


MagLev Glide is the world's first magnetic levitating door. Our one of a kind sliding door system adopts the same principle as lightning fast commuter trains that levitates above the guideway (track). The result is a patent-pending breakthrough in an industry that has fostered remarkably little innovation in over a century.


Maglev Glide™ sliding door system uses cutting-edge neodymium magnets to fully levitate ANY sliding door above the guideway, as it glides silently and effortlessly open or closed with just the touch of a finger. Our innovative design makes any sliding door no matter how heavy, feel entirely weightless for an undoubtedly far superior glide than you've ever experienced.


These super magnets use repelling force keeping the sliding door maintaining a state of ZERO gravity supporting 100% of the weight eliminating ALL friction/contact, noise, rust, maintenance/replacement and any other pesky problems that inevitably accompanies sliding doors! These rare earth magnets are the strongest permanent magnets in the world that resist demagnetization likely only lose less than 5% of their flux density over 100 years preventing all wear and tear!


MagLev Glide sliding door system can be customized to suit any and all specifications (no limitations on weight or dimensions). All hardware can be tailor-made to fit your own custom door, just include specifications when ordering. The MagLev sliding door system includes everything you need and is very simple to install.


Say good-bye to sticky, noisy, rusty, stubborn sliding doors that only lead to maintenance/replacement!




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